The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Association is a non-profit organization consisting of members of your local Law Enforcement agencies and related career fields, dedicated to serving our communities.

The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Association exists to support Law Enforcement, provide beneficial programs, and to provide funding for individuals and groups through the State of Wisconsin.

Some of our program and financial support includes:

Providing additional support for countless community and youth projects each year throughout the state.

Providing Six College Scholarships each year.
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Provide financial assistance to the families of Law Enforcement Officers that have lost a loved one in the “Line of Duty”.

Providing financial support for the Special Olympics of Wisconsin.

Each year we host a golf outing that serves as a fundraiser for the programs we support.

This year’s tournament will be held on June 19,2023 in Iola, Wisconsin.

We raise funds through tournament sponsorships and conducting a raffle.

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WLEOA Fundraising Efforts

Dear Potential Supporter:

You may be visiting this web page because you recently received a fundraising phone call made on behalf of our association. 

You also may have made a pledge and received a follow up donation request by mail. A fundraising drive is currently being conducted, on our behalf, to help support our programs and services. Many residence have also been receiving calls from several national police organizations which has led to some confusion and concern. So to help clear up any confusion and help ensure your donations are going strictly for Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Association, we have posted our official donation letter.