College Scholarship Program

2018 Application Now Available!

Due: March 30, 2018

Purpose and Requirements

The purpose of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Association College Scholarship Program is to assist Association Member’s and/or their children to further their education, to help individuals develop leadership skills for success in today’s society, and to support our communities’ education effort by recognizing scholastic achievement. The emphasis of these scholarships will be on merit, taking into consideration scholastic aptitude, academic performance, participation in school activities, service to the community, personal recommendations and other pertinent information from the student’s application. Six (6) five hundred dollar scholarships will be awarded annually. Specific requirements include that the student:

Must be an active member or the son or daughter of an active WLEOA member

Must be a high school senior or college undergraduate

Must have a 2.5 or higher grade point average

Must be attending or planning to enroll at an accredited college or university

Must have an SAT or ACT score

Must meet the criteria as set forth by the selection committee

Must be attending or planning to enroll at an accredited college or university as a full-time student, as defined by the school.

To maintain the scholarship during college, the student must maintain a B average and be enrolled full time.

2018 Application Now Available!

2018 WLEOA Scholarship

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